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FULL MOON FLEX | Photosonic Time Capsule | Vinyl Record

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FULL MOON FLEX Double Vinyl - Limited Edition Eco Friendly - Polyoto

Tasha Baxter presents FULL MOON FLEX a community-made collaborative album created during lockdown, we present to you a PhotoSonic Time Capsule in the form of a 17 track double record.

  • Side A: Bloodmoon - Home, Wait for the Night, Hourglass, Voices
  • Side B: Wolfmoon -   No Release, Dead inside, Amends, Bad Habit
  • Side C: Sugarmoon - Dreamweaving, Innocence, Dreaming City, Without you, Give me your heart
  • Side D: Huntersmoon - Creeper, Astronaut, Offline, Slip Away


Artists: OMSTRB, P.I.M, Exula, VACANT FUTURE, DjangoZa, InTake, Stan Davichone, Imaginate, Punker, Magnole, Familiar Oddity, GXG, Shadow Wanderer, Tasha Baxter 


What is included:

  • 2LP (records) 140 gram black 12" Vinyl
  • Outer sleeve semi-gloss with full color artwork print, 4mm spine. 
  • Inner sleeve, matt black, 80gsm, double hole ( to see the pretty moon labels)
  • Vinyl Insert (double sided poster) 300X300 semi-gloss water based with a message from all the artists involved mapping their geo-locations. 
  • OBI strip banderole, removable. 
  • Full Digital download of the album will be emailed to you with the purchase of your record. Lossless WAV format.
  • Manufactured from recycled materials using clean energy and carbon neutral.


Artwork: bDwS

Mastering Engineer: Dan Smith



Side A

A1. Home - OMSTRB, Tasha Baxter

A2. Wait For The Night - OMSTRB, Tasha Baxter

A3. Hourglass - P.I.M, Tasha Baxter

A4. Voices - Exula, Tasha Baxter


Side B

B1. No Release - VACANT FUTURE, Tasha Baxter

B2. Dead Inside - DjangoZa, Tasha Baxter

B3. Amends - InTake, Tasha Baxter

B4. Bad Habit - Stan Davichone, Tasha Baxter


Side C

C1. Dreamweaving - DjangoZa, Tasha Baxter 

C2. Innocence - Imaginate, Tasha Baxter

C3. Dreaming City - Punker, Magnole, Tasha Baxter

C4. Without You - Familiar Oddity, Tasha Baxter

C5. Give Me Your Heart - Familiar Oddity, Tasha Baxter


Side D

D1. Creeper - GXG, Tasha Baxter

D2. Astronaut - Shadow Wanderer, Tasha Baxter

D3. Offline - Shadow Wanderer, Tasha Baxter

D4. Slip Away - Shadow Wanderer, Tasha Baxter


Product code: [Poly001]

Format: 2x Vinyl LP

Label: Polyoto